Why work with us

C&J Professional Cleaning likes to stay up to date with the latest high-quality updates that knock out germs, viruses, and dirt to maintain a good and safe environment.

Our skilled professionals go above and beyond on every job and our quick responses to fulfill your needs will always remain a top priority for us. Rest well knowing your establishment is being taken care of!

A Clean Space is a Professional Space!

  • When you don’t clean your furniture, equipment… can start to look worn down and may need to be replaced. Maintaining could cut your general expenses in the long run.
  • A clean space will keep your employees happy and perform better.
  • Your time is extremely valuable. You can relax and focus on your company knowing your establishment is being taken care of.

How C&J Professional Cleaning can improve your business?

  • A beautifully maintained workplace impresses clients and potential clients.
  • Investing in a clean and healthy workplace means fewer bacteria, germs, and allergens ( fewer sick people).
  • C&J Professional Cleaning knows how to degrease and sanitize your restaurant without harming the equipment with abrasive and rough cleaning methods.
  • Remember… A Clean Space is a Professional Space!

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We cover the entire area of Miami and Broward County Florida
We dedicate ourselves to your work with all the care that your company deserves

Our Management Style stands out for:

  • Maintaining safety and Hygiene since we use biodegradable products.

  • Biodegradable products do not leave
    residues on your kitchen equipment or
    in your commercial and residential
    facilities contains less toxic substances

  • Better for people’s health Minimizes our negative impact on the environment

  • Competitive prices

  • Excellence is our Habit!

The best rates on the market
Best biodegradable products
Modern and efficient equipment
Highly trained staff
Flexible schedule
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